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So, meet L’enfant Terrible all grown up!

It’s truly stunning to watch Sarah Palin deflect responsibility for any and all flops, missteps, blunders, and boners during the campaign.   Keith Olbermann walks you through all the people and industries who are to blame for Palin’s failures according to Palin.

  • elite media bias
  • class
  • blogosphere
  • gossipers
  • liars
  • The John McCain Campaign
  • political powerbrokers
  • spokespersons
  • Katie Couric “
  • Editors that “spliced” her video to make her look bad
  • Tina Fey
  • Poorly worded questions
  • Jealousy
  • She shoulda ran on the “Democrat” ticket.  There would have been a “much prettier profile on Sarah Palin and the Palin family…”
  • Keith Olbermann

When asked why she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s question about which newspapers she reads, “Because Katie, you’re not the center of everyone’s universe.” 

(Subtext: I am!!!)

The class comment strikes me as particularly bizarre, too.  What “class” does Sarah Palin think she is?  Anti-intellectual is not a class.  I saw the original comment.  The tone smacks of more poor, poor, pitiful me.  Palin uses words that strain for coherency and just do not get there.  See for yourself:


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