Fox Business anchor Alexis Glick joined Hannity and Colmes for a discussion on the economic stimulus package being proposed by President-Elect Barack Obama.  She was actually able to make a cogent point to Hannity without him flying into an apoplectic rage!

What’s up with that?  Sanity and Hannity never appear on the little screen at the same time!

Glick gave Obama high marks for his handling of the economy.   Hannity held his own that, surely, the poor are not sufficiently crushed under Obama’s plan, and Glick grants that to the Fox News host.  However, she also gets Hannity to acknowledge the good points in Obama’s plan.

Dang girl.


5 thoughts on “Glick Schtick on a Pig

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  2. Sean Hannity makes me nauseous. I feel like I need a bath after watching him spew his crap.

    Do you think he really believes the crap he says or only says it because he knows it’s what his audience wants to hear? Because how could anyone be proud to be that hateful???

  3. How nuts are we, that we believe that we can solve a crisis, created with borrowed money, by borrowing more money? Obama’s plan is way outside of anything resembling common sense.

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