Is our children learning?…As yesterday’s positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured.” –President George W. Bush on education

Bush is really a genius!
Bush Not a Dumb Ass???

If you look up “dumbass” or “idiot” under google images, what American President is referenced on the first page?    Yeah, that would be Bush 43.  (That’s how I found my lovely protester.)

But the millions and millions of search savvy surfers and scrappy scribes that made those results possible are just bitter according to pasty, fat boy Karl Rove.   Bush is really a closet scholar masking his erudition in the guise of a retarded cowboy. (Googling “Retarded Cowboy” also turns up front page information on Bush!)

Rove purports that he and the Dipshit-in-Chief have yearly contests to see who can read the most.  Fattie says that sure he wins every time, but that’s only because the President has a big, important job with lots and lots of responsibilities.

::Good God!!!  Two more weeks of this Legacy Talking Point drivel!!!::

I wonder how the conversation went when Rove proposed this ass-kissing piece of nonsense to Bush.


4 thoughts on “Selling Dumb: the Bush Brainiac Story

  1. They have reading contests … well THAT’S a relief!
    It totally explains our current situation … Bush befuddled by books as America burns.

    I would have simply classified him as a catastrophic failure … now I know he’s a catastrophic failure who’s been hopelessly ‘otherwise engaged’ trying to figure out why he can’t find Demahkrasea in the dictionary.


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