Jet Jokes
h/t Washington Post

A party of 9 Muslims was booted off a flight to Florida after a couple of passengers wigged out.   A Muslim man had noted to his traveling companion, “Hey, the jets are right next to my window.”  Seems pretty innocuous unless there was a BWAHAHAHA that preceded the statement.   The eavesdropping, tattling passengers made sure the air marshal was informed that the brown guy knew where the jet engine was.

Shall we compare the Muslim guy’s remarks to mine when I had to sit in a similarly situated seat?  They went something like, “Look, honey, if the jet snaps in half, I’ll get sucked right through that engine.”

And on another flight when hubby and I were in the very back row, “Hey, honey, if we crash, we might actually live!”  My punishment was being appointed bathroom monitor by the flight attendant.

The Muslim people, 8 of whom were American born, had even gotten the FBI’s help with their travel plans.   And it was the FBI who helped get on another flight.


2 thoughts on “Plain Insecurities: Muslims Tossed from Flight

  1. I am really weary of this type of crap. It happens in England as well. To put it bluntly, every time a white person says that the brown person on the plane is making them nervous – the brown person gets kicked off the plane like a dangerous criminal. There is something wrong with this picture, yet the world finds it acceptable – otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it. It brings to my mind the murder of Mr. Menendez by the English Police. His crime. Being non-white so he must be a terrorist. Hell, I’ve even been stopped at my own home town airport (Atlanta, GA) because I was brown, therefore I must be a terrorist. (This was before they put more black people on security staff). The white woman kept insisting on asking where I was from. I repeated, with my natural southern accent, where I was from as per my passport and my birth certificate, etc. She would come back with the trick question..’But where are you really from?” I got so pissed off I finally said, ‘Since you know where I’m really from, how about you tell me so I can quit saying the wrong thing.’ I am so friggin tired of it. All the while, white people get to nod their heads and feel protected while the rest of us get kicked in the groin over and over. As many have said, ‘It’s important that we have security measures.’ But why are the security measures only for white people? Yes, I’m angry and this incident isn’t a one off. It happens a lot. Here is a prime example of white privilege that is hugged to the chest with joy. Even liberal joy. Arrrrrgh!

    Sorry about the rant. I had to get it out.

  2. Rant away whenever you feel so inspired, SC.

    I was stunned by how innocuous the Muslim guy’s statement was–especially compared to mine….where I actually brought up death and crashing specifically.

    Amazingly, during my trip, it was old people in wheelchairs and people with babies who seemed to suffer the most degradation. Like they HAD to pick on somebody…folks who were the most vulnerable.

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