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Yes!  Some Democrats have their heads on straight.

The Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) tells Rachel Maddow that the recent findings on torture WILL be turned over to the Department of Justice.

What I think it is our role to do is to bring out the facts which he have, to state our conclusions which we have, which is where the origin of these techniques began and then to turn over to the Justice Department of the next administration ’cause clearly this Justice Department is not willing to take an objective look–to turn over to the next Justice Department all the facts that we can and have put together and get our report–the rest of it declassified, but then it seems to me it is appropriate there be an outside commission appointed to take out of politics…and on and on

Bless Senator Levin’s heart, he talks like John Dewey writes!  Nevertheless, the findings of the bipartisan committee will be acted upon, and that is something!


3 thoughts on “Torture Authorization May Be Pursued By DoJ After All!!!

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  2. I hope they’re not just grand standing so they can fix it where no charges can ever be filed. Call me cynical but I am. On the other hand, I’m always pleased when I’m proven wrong. That would be lovely.

  3. It is nice to be pleasantly surprised. While I cherish exercising skepticism–else otherwise I would end up the mother of all fools, hope seems to be a personal and unlimited natural resource for me.

    It seems whether or not our laws will end up meaning anything is in the hands of Democrats, but I’d feel much better if citizens lead the rallying cry for Justice..

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