Christmas Criminals
Merry Mayhem


An unarmed thief steals a 27 inch television during store hours, and no one notices.  Police report the double amputee male had two companions strap the TV to his back.  He then walked out of the store.  Later, employees noticed a display shelf was a TV short.  They called the law.  Surveillance cameras showed police officers exactly what happened.


A man without pants grosses out a Dunkin’ Donut  employee servicing a drive through window.  46-year-old John Greco told a New York court he did in fact expose himself.  The worker helped police catch Greco by getting his license plate number.  He has been sentenced to 3 years probation.


A pizza delivery man overcame a gunman and accomplices by slapping them with steaming, hot pizza.  Eric Devictoria flung the food and dashed off, gaining enough of a head start to call police.

The delivery man was not injured.

The three teenage suspects were arrested and charged with armed robbery.



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