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The Almighty delivers an early Merry Christmas!

Who throws a shoe!?!  A pissed off Iraqi that’s who.

This video will prompt random giggles from me for weeks.

Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi threw both of his shoes in rapid succession at President Bush today.  This is like giving the finger in Arabic culture…only it hurts, if you’re hit.  One of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces was the setting.  Bush dodged the flying footwear like he dodges the Constitution.

Al-Zaidi works for Al-Baghdadia television which is an Iraqi-owned station based in Cairo, Egypt.

He shouted at Bush, “”This is a goodbye kiss, you dog!”

Oh, and as a bonus, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino poetically took a microphone to the eye during the scuffle.

Here’s the video with an additional angle…

When the aerial and the slowmo come out, I’ll post those, too.   For posterity of course.

The brits have brought the slowmo.


8 thoughts on “Bush Greeted in Iraq as Bullseye for Reporter’s Shoe…not as a liberator

  1. Yes, the loop!!! Somebody must do the loop! This is my new happy place!

    …And I must say Bush has some mad dodgeball skillz!!!

  2. classic.
    I agree with the like to see it with the foot still in it part and add maybe not aimed so high.or even in the butt.I thought I heard him say it was a size 10……any one know what size barb. wears?

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