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Southern Republican congressmen represent foreign car makers operating in their states where workers earn less and taxpayers subsidize nonunion companies.  Northern congressmen are looking into the survival of American auto makers and all the jobs involved.  The bailout of the Big 3 boiled down to an uncivil war waged by Southern Republicans against American workers and unions.

Republican senators wanted steep cuts in pay and benefits provided by the United Automobile Workers union.  The $14 billion emergency bailout for U.S. automakers failed in the Senate Thursday night because the United Auto Workers would not kowtow to Republican demands that employees of American companies make the same as the auto workers in Southern states where foreign companies enjoy American taxpayer welfare.


7 thoughts on “Big 3 Auto Bailout: an Uncivil War

  1. So these southern pricks think the failure of the big 3 somehow pads their deals with Japan, Germany, and Korea. It would be nice if just once the senators from the not too great southern states would act like Americans instead of fascists.

    It would be just swell if they realized that if the big 3 go, so do millions of American jobs. No, instead they are going to hold the economy’s head under water until it stops kicking.

    Way to go, Graham, Shelby, and prostitute client Vitter!

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  4. haha! what a left wing nut job. This lady thinks that these companies can stay alive with this bail out then some screws have gone loose. GM is currently in over 56 billion dollars of debt, does she really think that putting another 25 billion is really a good idea? NO, because they have already received a 25 billion dollar bailout and now they are asking for another one. haha, fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me. It would be stupid to put more money into a dying company. And as far as the wages go she is right, a union worker is only paid 37 dollars an hour, but if you include their health care, their families health care, the pensions paid to retirees, and their health care, the pension to laid off workers and their health care. It adds up to almost 80$ per hour per worker. This is all due to a union that is way too powerful and in turn is bringing this company down. BREAK THE UNION and KEEP THESE JOBS.

  5. Not that facts matter to you and the rest in the party of Herbert Hoover, they obviously don’t. The average worker gets $27 per hour. The average labor costs divided by hours worked is $73. Stop spreading lies. Next week, it will $47 and $90….because that’s what the current brand of Republicans does. They tell a lie and believe that makes it so.

    Just because you lack the ability to save or rebirth a company doesn’t mean everybody does. Just because someone brainwashed you into acting against your own interests, doesn’t mean everyone will.

    The loss of one million jobs with two million jobs depending those jobs could plunge the global economy into a decade long depression. This is not all due to unions. This is a profoundly mismanaged and outmoded industry. Those factors must be considered in figuring out how to save those jobs.

    I don’t see that you really give a shit about those jobs though. Bush has been bleeding jobs from America his entire presidency. 2.7 million between 2001 and 2004. 1.9 million lost in 2008.

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