Al Gore Steps Up for Don Siegelman

Al Gore Steps Up for Don Siegelman

Countdown to Siegelman Court Date–

Tomorrow the 11th District Court of Appeals will hear former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman’s case.  Many are eager to know whether the Faustian bargain made between the Department of Justice and Karl Rove will finally be broken and exposed fully.  Al Gore is stepping up on Siegelman’s behalf:

As Americans we are always proud of our leaders. In the state of Alabama we’ve elected one great New South Democratic Governor who won overwhelmingly over an incumbent Republican. Don Siegelman was the first Democratic Governor to endorse me when I ran for President; he was a great Governor for Alabama and for the Democratic Party.

But now Don needs our help.

Don’s legal battle is at a critical stage. Tomorrow, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear his appeal, which could throw out the false charges. But Don needs our help to raise $30,000 to cover legal costs to clear his name.

Please donate to Don’s legal defense fund today — before his hearing tomorrow — and help him keep up the fight for justice.

While I am sure you know the story, the American Trial Lawyer Magazine labels Don Siegelman as America’s #1 “Political Prisoner.”

Time exposed how selective prosecution was used by Karl Rove’s Republican prosecutors and CBS’s 60 Minutes exposed how they knowingly extorted false testimony to secure a conviction.

Don’s sentence was actually enhanced for speaking out against the White House lead prosecution. Don was handcuffed, shackled, and put into solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison for something The New York Times has said has never even been considered a crime in America. 54 former state Attorneys General agreed and filed a Friend of the Court brief in support of Don.

Tomorrow’s hearing can put this right. I am asking you to give right now online or mail your contribution to:

Siegelman Legal Defense Fund
3963 River View Drive
Birmingham, AL 35243
Don is now engaged in two important fights: One for his own freedom and the other to save our democracy by seeing that Karl Rove is brought to justice.

Don needs our financial help to keep these fights going. He needs to know we care, especially as he prepares for tomorrow’s hearing.

Please donate to Don’s legal defense fund today and help him keep up the fight for justice.

The writing on the wall is clear.

Earlier this month, Time revealed that the Department of Justice has been involved in a cover-up of unethical and criminal activity within the Department and the U.S. Attorney’s office. Last week’s New York Times story reveals further prosecutorial misconduct.

The government has reportedly spent over 40 million dollars to prosecute Don. Don and his family have spent virtually all of their life’s savings to fight these false charges.

I know times are tight but I hope you will give as generously as possible. Don’s Legal Defense Fund can take donations of corporate, PAC, foundation, or personal money of any size.

Please donate today — before Don’s hearing tomorrow — and help Don set a legal precedent that politically motivated prosecutions have no place in America.

As Don recently said, “We must win these fights to unravel the injustices that have been perpetrated against our democracy. With your help, Karl Rove and his accomplices will be held accountable for their abuse of power — and I can clear my name for good.”

As Americans, we have a responsibility to protect our democracy from those who would take advantage of it and abuse their power. By making sure Don has the support to keep up his fight for justice, we can do just that.

Please donate today!

Thank you for your support,

Al Gore

I generally don’t post an entire press release, but what’s gone on with Siegelman merits the attention.  The metamorphosis of the Department of Justice into an extension of White House whims and vendettas is unamerican.


8 thoughts on “Al Gore Pleas for Don Siegelman

  1. This is a nail biter. Will justice really be done? Has justice been transformed by Bushco to “Just Us?” It’s a good day to pray.

  2. Not only innocents falsely accused have been victims of the DOJ. Crime victims are also paying the price of corruption within the DOJ.

    On May 9, 2005 I reported significant criminal activity to which I’m both a witness and victim to Miles F. Ehrlich the then head of the white collar crime division of the US Attorney’s San Francisco office. Heller Ehrman, a dissolving mega-law firm was involved. Rather than investigating the case, Ehrlcih left the DOJ, established his own criminal defense practice and began representing Marcia Bruggeman Hatch and advising at least one other individual, Ms. Hatch’s husband Seamus Hatch against my interests to facilitate their evading prosecution. Heller Ehrman, Marcia and Seamus Hatch were all identified to Ehrlich while he was at the DOJ.

    I re-reported the case to the US Attorney and have spoken to investigators. So far nothing. Apparently the DOJ is trying to whisk this under the rug too. In the meantime, Heller Ehrman has dissolved leaving employees and creditors holding the bag.

    Because the case involves money laundering and narcotics trafficking I as a witness and victim have been separated from my child and family. We need to restructure the judicial branch of the U.S. Government and we need to regulate attorneys.

    For more on this see the following links:




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