Leura Canary named Top Underachiever among Prosecutors

Leura Canary named Top Underachiever among Prosecutors

Countdown to Siegelman Court Date–

Ya’ll need to read because he [Don Siegelman] refers to a “survey” which allegedly shows that 67% of Alabamians believe the investigation of him [Don Siegelman] to be politically motivated. (Perhaps grounds not to let him discuss court activities in the media?)”  email dated September 19, 2005 from U.S. Attorney Leura Canary to Alabama’s Middle District Prosecution Team.  Canary claimed she recused herself from the Siegelman case in 2002.

Leura Canary has been named one of the top 10 worst prosecutors in America by the Bennett Law Firm.  Her libido for politicization of the law and willingness to prosecute based on party affiliation rather than the crime won her this distinction.  The above email excerpt shows her zealous interest and spiteful leadership in the prosecution of the former Alabama governor well after she was alleged to have recuse herself from the case.

In two days, a panel of judges from the 11th District Court of Appeals will consider Canary’s extracurricular role in Siegelman’s prosecution.  A document filed by the so-called “Acting” U.S. Attorney for the Middle District Louis Franklin alleges Canary’s suggestions in the email are irrelevant because the prosecution never followed through and because the email doesn’t “prove” the Siegelman case was politically motivated (page 4 of link).

Beyond being a big, fat lie, Franklin’s claim is laughable.  The conditions by which Siegelman was taken into custody and subsequently incarcerated show the prosecution got its wish:

The judge…denied granting the former governor the customary 45 days the convicted are given to put their affairs in order. Siegelman was shackled in leg irons and handcuffs and taken out of the courtroom and off to a federal penitentiary…The tour started in Atlanta; then he was moved in the middle of the night to Texarkana, passing through Michigan, New York, and Oklahoma…before being settled in Oakdale, Louisiana.”  —OpEdNews

Siegelman was initially kept in solitary confinement, and media access was denied in absolute as reported months later by CBS 60 Minutes.

Leura Canary’s email, her cozy relationship with Karl Rove (the shadow director on DoJ prosecutions), and the testimony of former Republican operative Dana Jill Simpson to Congress regarding Rove’s role in the prosecution of Siegelman all fly in the face of Franklin’s claims that the prosecution was not politically motivated.

Contributions to the Siegelman Legal Defense Fund can be made here.   Also, a  legal grievance has been prepared to file against U.S. Attorney Leura Canary.


12 thoughts on “Leura Canary: Prosecuting Underachiever of the Year

  1. I am amazed – AMAZED! – that holds the position she does. The Siegelman case was a rotten apple from day one — now she’s trying to make a rotten apple pie? Ugh …

  2. oops — make that — amazed that SHE holds the position she does … you see what you did? You got me all riled up!!

  3. What’s even more amazing is that I initially read the word order you intended! I didn’t pick up on the riled sentence jumble til you mentioned it.

    Dyslexics of the World Untie!

  4. This entire Siegelman prosecution, or should I say “persecution,” has a wink-wink, nudge-nudge flavor to it.

    This was an obvious set up. It just shows the height of neo-con arrogance that they would destroy an opponent with such blatent misconduct.

    I was not a huge Siegelman fan, but the sight of the former Governor being led away in shackles is one that I will never forget. This was a slap in the face of every Alabamian who believes in fairness and justice.

    And the part Judge Fuller played in this fiasco should not be overlooked. Mark Fuller harbored strong grudges against Don Siegelman going back for years.

    Fuller should have never been allowed to sit in judgment on Siegelman. Siegleman’s conviction should be overturned on this fact alone.

    I’ve always heard that what goes around comes around. Let us all hope this is so.

  5. Yes, Leo, Fuller who had once been fired by Siegelman. Fuller who made a million off a contract to fuel Air Force One…I hope the 11th District doesn’t send the case back to Fuller. The GOP needs to cut the strings on the neocons. They are partly responsible for bringing down the party.

  6. writechic,

    I received this comment from Ms. Simpson regarding the Ten Worst Prosecutors:

    I just wanted your readers to know that a large portion of the article written about me is false. I have never spoken with Mr Bennett and he mistates my role in this matter and mistates my testimony.


    I also received an e-mail that Glynn Wilson and Scott Horton are working on a reply to the list to address the errors.

  7. Thanks for the quote, E.M. I linked to Glynn instead of Bennett for that reason. I’m confident Canary’s distinction will remain in tact. I read Bennett’s bit which was an attributional clusterfuck.

    Given Siegelman’s case will be heard tomorrow, I didn’t feel I should wait for Bennett to get everything straight.

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