Acting U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin, Middle District Alabama

Acting U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin, Middle District Alabama

Countdown to Siegelman Court Date–Just 3 days until former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman has his appeal heard in the 11th District Court of Appeals.  I’m reviewing Louis Franklin’s response to the Siegelman defense and will highlight his points in less tedious language over the next few days.

While Siegelman fought the Bush Justice Department for his life and liberty, a juror called “Flipper” was looking for love on the prosecution team.  Flipper was so nicknamed because she did gymnastic maneuvers to pass time with other jurors.  According to Alabama Middle District emails, Flipper had the hots for an FBI agent named Keith on the prosecution team.

Taking up the limber Flipper’s cause, jurors made inquiries through the U.S. Marshall on Keith’s marital status.  Flipper’s mission to tap that became fodder for casual conversation among the prosecution team emails.

Franklin argues those emails are irrelevant.

Contributions to the Siegelman Legal Defense Fund can be made here.


5 thoughts on “Siegelman Juror Was Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

  1. Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee. If your justice department is political, you’ve got nothing. The fact that Siegelman was sentenced to solitary confinement in a maximum security prison for “bribery” says something is rotten in Denmark, Alabama & D.C.

    The sentencing was exceedingly harsh for the alleged crime, and he was deliberately kept hidden away.

    So, I want to know….WHY???

  2. Hi, BL. I just addressed this in a post on Leura Canary winning Top Underachieving prosecutor. I think your assessment has merit. Republicans also need to realize that Karl Rove is the consummate expendable ensign in the GOP…for Justice’s (with a capital J) sake.

  3. Leonora, if you’re out there, I totally resisted having dripping drool falling from Franklin’s mouth. I feel so disciplined!

  4. Wow! A Republican House N***** used to prosecute a former Alabama Democratic Governor. These Bushies really know how to be sleazy.

    So when does the traitor Bushie public hangings begin?

  5. I have heard that Franklin is a democrat, but I also heard a prominent Alabama republican praising Franklin during the Siegelman trial as a brilliant, up and coming prosecutor. Democrat in Alabama often means republican.

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