Countdown to Siegelman Appeal2
Countdown to Siegelman Court Date

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman will have his case heard in just 4 days (December 9, 2008).  Glynn Wilson broke the story last night at the Locust Fork Journal that more accusations of juror misconduct have prompted the Department of  Justice to reopen its investigation.  This has to do with a juror’s flirtatious overtures toward a member of the prosecution team and U.S. Attorney Leura Canary guiding her prosecutors in the case when she was supposed to have recused herself.

Wilson spoke to Siegelman attorney, Vince Kilborn who believes this case could be dismissed completely on Tuesday:

They could very well,” he said. “If it’s unanimous it will come down quicker. If there’s a dissent, it takes longer.”

A commenter at HuffPo suggested that Jack Abramoff’s sentence be reduced if he can “testify regarding Karl Rove’s involvement in Don Siegelman’s phony, rotten, trumped up prosecution.”  Not a bad idea.

Contributions to the Siegelman Legal Defense Fund can be made here.   Also, a  legal grievance has been prepared to file against U.S. Attorney Leura Canary.


3 thoughts on “Countdown to Siegelman Court Date

  1. With all due respect, you have got to lose the glitter graphics! I stumbled on your website months and months ago, and have regularly checked back because you so often post news topics that interest me. But cluttering every picture up with these graphics is making me crazy. To what purpose do you include them? At best they’re distracting; at worst, annoying and far, far from funny.

  2. I like the blingee, content is most important.

    This Siegleman case seems like the lynchpin in all that has gone wrong in the Justice Department as constituted by loyal Bushies. If this case isn’t righted, I see no hope of accountability for wrongdoings nor do I see American justice reclaiming its once good name.

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