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Michael Moore wrote a shrewd piece in the Huffington Post Wednesday.  The Big 3, Ford, Chrysler, and GM, want from the government more than 6 times the amount of their stock value…more than their companies are worth.  Why reward failure and lack of vision?  More points out that giving money to Big 3, as is, guarantees throwing people out of work.  Here is one of Moore’s solutions:

Transporting Americans is and should be one of the most important functions our government must address. And because we are facing a massive economic, energy and environmental crisis, the new president and Congress must do what Franklin Roosevelt did when he was faced with a crisis (and ordered the auto industry to stop building cars and instead build tanks and planes): The Big 3 are, from this point forward, to build only cars that are not primarily dependent on oil and, more importantly to build trains, buses, subways and light rail (a corresponding public works project across the country will build the rail lines and tracks). This will not only save jobs, but create millions of new ones.”


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