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Darrel Vandeveld was a military prosecutor assigned to convict prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  In his own words, he was a “true believer” in the system.  His first case involved a teenager from Afghanistan.  Vandeveld found evidence of torture on the teen after his suicide attempt.  The military wanted to exploit the young detainee’s vunerability to get a confession.  Vandeveld quit.


11 thoughts on “Military Prosecutor Details Torture of GITMO Teenager

  1. Thank goodness this bleeding heart panty-snapper, Vendeveld, is out. Thanks for the update.

    Too bad this poor tortured soul who has a “permanent headache” from “harsh lighting” at Gitmo wasn’t gunned down in Afghanistan. Gunning down Mohammed Jawad, aka Amir Khan, Mir Jan, Sakheb Badsha, wasn’t an option, however, because the 2 homemade grenades he was carrying would have caused grievous injury or death to innocent bystanders.

    By the way, remember Sergeant First Class Michael Lyons, Sergeant First Class Christopher Martin and Afghan interpreter Assadullah Khan Omerk? They were riding in the vehicle that was engulfed in flames when this poor vulnerable “child” threw one of his THREE homemade grenade in the window on December 17, 2002 in Kabul, Afghanistan. They are living everyday with the torture of permanent injuries, pain, scars and memories of what this “child” did.

    Cry me a river.

    • First off, he threw ONE grenade and the jeep they were in was never “engulfed in flames”. However, both Lyons and Martin were the main shied and received many injuries from the shrapnel that pierced their body and eyes. The interpreter received minor cuts and abrasions. Martin did not make a full recovery and has permanent damage to his body, while Lyons received more damage, he made a full recovery. Either way, no one should have been tortured in another country with a prison ran by Americans, if the same torture would not stand in our own prison system. Get your facts straight. This comes first hand!

  2. Hi, ginnypub. You cowards that cover the flag in shit and call it glory are a breed nearing extinction. God, evolution, and courageous Americans have voted you to the margin of irrelevancy. There is no honor in torturing POWs. The things that are glorious about America, the moral strides America made throughout the 20th century in support of human dignity were soiled by so-called scholars, policy makers, warmongers. Our Constitution and laws were cast aside at the very moment they should have been protected. How will you pro-torture fucks become men and women of decency again, I wonder.

    Do you think your grandchildren and great grandchildren will write books about your shame? I hope they do, but chances are they will just blot your lust for meanness and cruelty from their memories and stop mentioning your names.

  3. Ah, but you misunderstand, my vulgar-mouthed terrorism apologist friend. I am not for torturing those who incinerate others because they are not muslim. I am for KILLING them.

  4. One cannot but grieve for the three victims of the grenade attack, but the position that Vendeveld outlines is that he came to believe that the youth charged could not be convicted, and that there was a great deal of evidence that others had actually committed the crime. The torture and mistreatment of Jawad sealed Vendeveld’s decision. Also, I’d be very hesitant to cast doubt on the courage of a soldier who, like Vendeveld, served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa after 9/11.

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