Bush Parting Shots
Bush Shenanigans and Parting Shots

I was visiting Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and reading how the outgoing Prez is sticking it to poor people again–this time by upping premiums and co-payments for doctors’ services, hospital care and prescription drugs through Medicaid.  The policy change allows states turn away broke folks who can’t afford premiums.

But wait!  There’s more…Bush administration aides are working furiously to make sure the government cannot keep workers safe from toxic chemical exposure.

And thinning the impoverished, hard-working herd isn’t enough…Bush is also determined to see the environment tore up even more by easing constraints on oil shale development. Gas companies, banks, and corporate farms are also lining up for parting favors.


16 thoughts on “Bend Over, America! Bush isn’t done with you yet!

  1. How does he sleep at night? I just don’t understand it. As if he hasn’t done enough damage in the past almost-8 years….he has to try to cram as much more damage down our throats as he can before Jan. 20?

    He makes me literally sick.

  2. i just saw chimpy on tv saying that obama’s victory was a repudiation of the rethug party, not him! doesn’t anyone allow him to see his approval numbers? arrogant moron!

  3. I saw footage of Bush yesterday being praised for his AIDS policy. He looked embarrassed that THIS is the thing he is being recognized for. Creep.

  4. You’ve got it, douglas…the White House Office of Management and Budget ordered the Energy Department to a kill new environmentally responsible regulations.

  5. True, and Cheney bided his time to make sure his puppet Bush didn’t surrender power like Nixon. Nixon didn’t utterly paralyze the opposition party, didn’t market fear, didn’t attempt to purge habeas corpus, didn’t spend 1/4 of his presidency on vacation, didn’t let an American city drown, didn’t utterly corrupt and politicize the Department of Justice so that it was an extension of White House.

    Nixon was cold, but everyone knew it. Bush is cold and smiles.

  6. You know I remember my mom making me watch Nixon’s resignation speech. I thought of that when I made my boys watch election night coverage. Much better occasion.

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