BFF--Media Loves Obama

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments…

Al Qaeda is totally pissed at the media for its “unfair” pro-Obama bias.

Well, guess who is also accusing the media of having a pornographic love affair with the President-Elect…oh, that would be right wing, narcissistic ho-bag Ann Coulter.

She’s got a new book coming out, Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America.  Coulter delivers one apoplectic accusation after another against the media…explaining at great length how the liberal media plays the victim to victimize fine, upstanding Republican victims like shamed Rep. (former) Tom Delay, weird-ass Senator Larry Craig, and disgraced (former) U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Al Qaeda says the press is deliberately “confusing” the meaning of al-Zawahiri’s House Negro message.  Coulter says the media deliberately misconstrued the words “months away from being men” after they tumbled sincerely from the “supple lips” of Rep. (former) Mark Foley.

Who knew they were on the same page?


5 thoughts on “Coulter and Al Qaeda on the Same Page

  1. LMAO, I’ve read 3 of Coulter’s books. They are formulaic crap–political marshmallows–shallow, Machiavellian reasoning, selective theocratic biscuits tossed to the right-wing masses. Don’t need to walk down that road again.

  2. Ann Coulter is a complete moron and idiot. Amazing she gets so much attention in the US. Just ignore the stupid bitch!

    Have a nice weekend everyone (except Ann…hehe)

  3. Hi, swede. I couldn’t ignore it. #1 She had her trap wired shut which is just cosmic poetry. #2 She spouting the chunks as No.2.

    You have to admit they look good together. 🙂

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