King for Governor
King for Queen of Alabama

ht Social Justice Superhero Loretta Nall

Alabama Attorney General Troy King ponders a run for governor in 2010.  He tells the Mobile Press Register it’s small town values (think Flannery O’Connor) that drive him…and a grudge against former President Jimmy Carter.  King, however, generated some campaign killing controversy when rumors flew about his sexual orientation and his wife throwing him out of the house.  King’s response weeks after the fact was essentially no comment: “I don’t discuss rumors.”  Newspapers also scrutinized the meteoric, professional rise of King’s employee and alleged love interest J.W. Godwin.


3 thoughts on “King Ponders Queen of Alabama

  1. Those who know the Republican said he was shaped by that simple lesson and others he learned in Elba, a southeastern Alabama town that King likens to the Andy Griffith Show’s “Mayberry.” The small-town upbringing gave King a black-and-white view of morality and an appreciation of the importance of plain honesty.

    Elba=Mayberry? Who knew?

  2. Don’t know much about Elba, noticed they quoted a friend named “Cox.” Hmmm. 😉

    Anything Troy King says or does is about massaging his own sense of self-righteousness. He even gets on Republican nerves.

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