No. 2 Joins NeoConfederates
No. 2, synonym for “poop”
People that go by the nickname “No. 2” shouldn’t be calling names.  I know there are an infinite supply of Al Qaeda No.2s…But this one is goatfucker Ayman al-Zawahri who has called President-Elect Barack Obama a “house negro.”  No. 2 is shaking in his pretty skirt that Obama’s gift for diplomacy will undermine the terrorist organization’s recruiting efforts.  Al-Zawahri’s message went out over the internet in an 11-minute video featuring only his audio played with his picture (because he’s hiding in his cave like a pussy).

Obama has been received optimistically by many in the Middle East who hope America’s relationship with  Muslim and Arab nations will improve.  Many believe his race and family connections will lend more understanding in policy.


7 thoughts on ““No. 2” Calls Obama a “House Negro”

  1. “So they Say”. This was my 76 year old mothers’ response when I shared this bit of news with her.

    Can we really trust anything we are told by the media?

  2. I think No. 2 would make great friends with neoconfederate types. Of course, he’d probably have to put some pants on….and change hats…maybe a Cat Diesel or John Deere baseball cap.

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