There’s got to be a reason that MENTAL is smack in the middle of fundamentalist.  Annoying extremist Christans remind America of just how much our educational system sucks.   CNNs Rick Sanchez reports on a church marquee that reads “America we have a Muslim president. This is a sin against the Lord.”  Pastor Mark Holick of Kansas tells those who explain slowly in small words that Obama is a Christian:

That’s not the point.  The point is he’s not a Christian.”

Holick obtained his theological degree from the Seminary of the Divine Dipshits.


7 thoughts on “Signs of the Ignoramus Times

  1. I’m sorry, writechic, but you have an error in your post. That’s the “Devine Seminary of Dipshits” founded by Bo Devine (or, as his hip friends called him “Bo-vine” … you know, like “J-Lo”) in 1974. Of course, they spell it wrong at D.S.D. too, so you’re forgiven. But you’re still going to hell for votin’ for a Muslim ….

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  3. Isn’t it ironic that Obama’s mother was a Christian from Kansas? There was something about the state which helped to instill values in a mother and grandmother who raised a bi-racial boy with the qualities to become President of the United States. BUT, something about Kansas not only allows a Wichita preacher full of hate-messages to grow a congregation there, but also allows a Fred Phelps Sr. You remember Fred — he’s the Topeka KS Baptist minister who gained national notoriety by picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the gay University of Wyoming student murdered because of his sexual orientation. Phelps is 70 now, but hasn’t mellowed. Now he’s picketing funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq. He thinks they committed some sin.
    To read another good post on this subject, go to:


    Sharon McEachern

    writechic: thanks for visiting, sharon! i’ll check out your site!

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  5. As Redeye said on LiA…”preaching hate in the name of the Lord”……

    It just makes me literally sick to my stomach and also mad as hell! I am sick of this b.s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Pastor” Mark Holick is a moron!!!! People tell him Obama is a Christian and he is stupid enough to say “that’s not the point….he’s not a Christian”????

    It’s good that stupidity isn’t against the law because the jails would be more packed than they already are!!!!

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