Merry Christmas, Suckas!
Merry Christmas, Suckas!!!

Focus on the Family is giving out pink slips this upcoming Christmas season.  The religious hate peddlers spent themselves out of 20% of their work force with the “Destroy the Happiness of Gay People” campaign.  Focus pumped $539,000 in cash to generate support for Prop. 8, the measure that overturns a California Supreme Court ruling that allowed gays and lesbians to marry.

Days before the election, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson appeared at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego to rally anti-gay sentiment.

The price of victory?  The sheep.


9 thoughts on “Focus on the Job Cuts

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    • Hi, Jabber. 🙂

      Also gay…Spongebob and Tinky Wink (from back in the day). As you can tell, I have zero patience these days with fucktardedness as an institution.

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