Mike Huckabee before the Diet
Huckabee Knows Him Some Food

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee lets the grits hit the fan in his new book, Do The Right Thing, You Buncha Pansie-Ass Plastic Losers. “‘Let them eat stocks’ is not a mantra for the people, Mitt, you magic-panty wearing, flip-flopping Ken Doll head.” admonishes Huckabee.

On Foghorn Leghorn Thompson Huckabee writes, “Hey, Fred!  Wake the hell up!  The election’s over and no, you didn’t even make runner-up, you lackluster fuck.”

Thompson went back to sleep, but Mitt Romney has fired back through his chauffer/spokesman Chet Remington, “Unfortunately, in this book, Mike Huckabee is consumed with presumed slights, and he seems more interested in settling scores than in bringing people together.”


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