Turtles Mating
Lonesome George Finds Love

A 90 year old giant tortoise rises to the occasion for his species.  “Lonesome George” shocked scientists when he decided to give reproduction the old college try.  George’s batting average for actually fertilizing the eggs of lady tortoises is about 20% which has scientists “totally bummed.”

Originating from Pinta Island, George is literally the last of his kind known to man, and he has been in captivity since 1971.  The females that George has taken a shine to are a different subspecies of the giant tortoise from a neighbouring island.


2 thoughts on “90 Year Old Turtle Down with the Loving

  1. I wonder if it was captivity that stomped on his libido and he just snapped the hell out it. I love the expression on his face though! Looks like he’s having fun!

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