Karl Not Getting Off
Karl Rove & His Skeletons
Maybe you’ve read about the pissy interview in the New York Times with Karl Rove.  Rove revealed he had already officially sucked up to President-Elect Barack Obama by sending him a congratulatory note with “funny stamps”…whatever the hell that means.  Maybe Rove collected vintage Jim Crow postage stamps.  Who can say what constitutes humor in that amply-padded head?

But back to the sucking up–Rove gravitates toward power like flies to poop.  Public knowledge.  I imagine it has been a method of living for him and now serves his interest in self-preservation.  The idea that Democrats would make nice and let Rove go away quietly with no accountability is profoundly unacceptable.  Remember the black baby smear against John McCain that even Meghan McCain will not forgive?  What about Valerie Plame Wilson and Rove’s role in outing a CIA agent?  However, Rove’s corruption of the Department of Justice via controlling the prosecution of Democrats across America is perhaps his most loathesome and vast deed.  Even Republicans see the swath of political carnage tied to Rove’s influence.  He has cost them much as well.  The damage is too far-reaching in both parties for the skeletons to slip quietly back into Karl’s closet.


2 thoughts on “Why the Skeletons Won’t Go Quietly Back into Karl’s Closet

  1. So arrest him already. If he and several hundred others are not brought to justice, the entire idea of a criminal justice system in the United States is called into question. Cheney, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld are clearly guilty of war crimes by any known standard. Gonzales, Ashcroft of wiretapping, torture. Without laws, there is no United States. Of course, Bill Canary is guilty and deserves jail time, and his wife should be there as well as an accomplice. They are lawyers, they knew it was illegal. Arrest them and lock em up.

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