Leura Canary Misconduct
U.S. Attorney Leura Canary: Political Whore for Karl Rove

Karl Rove’s BFF, U.S. Attorney Leura Canary is in trouble.  Time Magazine reports more allegations of misconduct in her case against former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.  Canary did not recuse herself from the Siegelman case…which everybody with a triple digit IQ already suspected.  In 2007, a Middle District staffer turned emails over to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-MI).  The emails document Canary giving direction in the Siegelman prosecution:

The documents — whose authenticity is not in dispute — include e-mails written by Canary, long after her recusal, offering legal advice to subordinates handling the case. At the time Canary wrote the e-mails, her husband — Alabama GOP operative William J. Canary — was a vocal booster of the state’s Republican governor, Bob Riley, who had defeated Siegelman for the office and against whom Siegelman was preparing to run again.

Conyers forwarded the information to the Department of Justice.  A spokesman for U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey says, “the department will review the [Conyers’] letter.”  No comment from the Middle District.

Siegelman will have his appeal heard before a federal court in Atlanta in December 2008.

Keith Olberman featured “Siegelman-Gate” in his dogged tracking of Bush Scandals:

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8 thoughts on “Recusal, Reschmusal: Leura Canary in the National Spotlight

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  2. It will be amazing to see what all comes to light about what happened in the Bush Administration after the fact. I am so disgusted by how Don Siegelman was railroaded.

  3. It’s SO unjust. That a President and his weasley staffer would use DoJ to an eliminate a fair election for governor of Alabama. They thought they were gods. And this business can’t go unpunished.

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