You’d have to be a madman not to see that Barack Obama is incredibly similar to Hitler.

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9 thoughts on “Obama=Hitler, Conservative Crazies’ New Talking Point

  1. Thanks to The Daily Show for making me laugh at the madness. Comparing Obama to Hitler is despicable. I wish these a-holes would give it a rest!

  2. I didn’t even think the about the despicability factor because it’s SO absurd. What does the a-hole do if he ever encounters a real Hitler type? Wait…these are nutjobs. The answer is to hail that person as the next Gandhi.

  3. Hey, did y’all see that story about the kids on the bus in Idaho chanting … advocacy of a federal crime with respect to our pres-elect? I can’t even bring myself to type the words. Suffice it to say, it was a bunch of 2nd and 3rd graders. Where – I don’t wonder – do they get that stuff?

  4. Yes, I heard that story, Suzanne. That is horrible. I would be devastated if my 2nd grader said something like that! How can parents teach their children to hate like that???

    Speaking of that, my 2nd grader is a proud Obama supporter and doesn’t mind telling anyone! She has been told some terrible stuff by kids at her school…..no Democrats believe in God, Obama will take away everyone’s guns……etc., etc.

    Between that and our Sunday School discussion last week in which the teacher and one member of the class discussed how we could know if Obama is really the Antichrist….I am ready to move as far away from here as I can get!!!!

  5. I saw the headline and first paragraph and stopped. It was like Jesus Camp for domestic terrorists. I feel another post coming on: The babies on the bus say Kill, Kill, Kill.

    My kids have gone through the same thing that you describe, Helen. A couple of years ago, my oldest son was told only black people are Democrats. My daughter has been called a babykiller. My 7th & 8th graders have heard all the GOP talking points at school, Obama’s a Muslim who doesn’t believe in God…which they’re shrewd enough to cut through that contradiction.

  6. “I am ready to move as far away from here as I can get!!!!”

    Might be time to find a new church. I saw the Alabama map, too. Your area is a growing Democratic area.

  7. Wow, hgalloway and writechic. Those are some disturbing first-hand experiences. Y’all should move up here to N.C. because we’re a blue state now, which means all that kind of nonsense has been eradicated (sarcasm) – I wish.

    I read a later report about that bus incident thing and a school spokesman said most of the kids chanting didn’t even know what the word “assassinate” meant, which I believe. That makes me even sadder for those kids because most of them will be horrified when they find out what it means. Those who “picked it up” at home will doubly hit. They’ll not only be dealing with their own guilt, they’ll be dealing with the confusion of the fact that, possibly, someone they love and look up to expressed such a sentiment.

  8. As for finding a new church, you are right there! I’m not going back to Sunday School for sure. My husband likes going to church there. I’d personally rather stay home myself….

    I live in Coffee County and it was pink on the map….so it was more Republican this election than in 2004. **sigh**

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