Mark Foley a Perv
Grab your Teens and Head for the Hills! Foley wants redemption!

I’m trying to find my way back.”  –disgraced Florida Congressman Mark Foley

There are so many things WRONG with Foley’s comments to the Associated Press.

In his first interview since resigning in September 2006, Foley is only willing to concede stupidity.  He sees nothing else wrong with suggestive messages to congressional pages as the teens were “just months away from being men.”  (Okay, I need to convulse in disgust before I continue.)

Remember the movies Cider House Rules and American Beauty.  What happened to the Danny Glover and Kevin Spacey characters after they defiled adolescents?  Dead and Dead.  Why?  Because there is no redemption for people who ravage or exploit innocence.  Even if Foley was talking dirty to 18 year olds, he was still in a position of power over them.

And he’s OLD.  There’s a reason the phrase “dirty old man” persists in culture.  It flags predatory behavior and disparate sexual experience.  Foley has no clue:

There was never anywhere in those conversations where someone said, ‘Stop,’ or ‘I’m not enjoying this,’ or ‘This is inappropriate’ … but again, I’m the adult here, I’m the congressman. The fact is I allowed it to happen. That’s where my responsibility lies.”

He views his honor in tact because he claims he had consent.  That’s not finding a way back.  That’s life on and over the edge.


10 thoughts on “How Many Ways Can One Pervert be Wrong???

  1. I love how the unapologetic Foley reasoned that since these boys were one a few months or weeks away from their 18th birthday, he should not have been judged so harshly. There are many more like him in government who are black-mailed with their perversions to direct their votes and policies.

  2. wtf is wrong with these people? why not just fade away into obscurity? he’s never going to run for office again. are idiots like foley addicted to the spotlight? just as people were starting to forget about him, he does an interview that can only make people hate him more. he needs to go away and stay away.

  3. He’s got a campaign war chest with $1.2 million!!! Who are these supporters? Is there a NAMBLA pac? Who wants to empower him with the ability to legislate for the country? He’s got to be a narcissist…at a minimum.

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