Drunken, Whizzin City Councilman
Nasty City Councilman Pees on Patrons

The latest leak buzzing around Washington didn’t come from The White House or the McCain camp.  No, it came from a drunken New Jersey City Councilman urinating on people at a D.C. night club.

Police say, 44-year-old Steven Lipski whipped out his wee-wee while standing on a second story balcony and proceeded to piss on patrons below.   A 9:30 Night Club staff member bounced Lipski into the arms of police officers who arrested him for simple assault with a tiny weapon.  A shocked source said this is the councilman’s first time peeing on the public.  The club usually only worries about Lipski’s penchant for drinking himself into a sloppy, slurring, belligerent state.

Lipski is currently serving a second term as councilman in Jersey City, NJ. (I’m having a hard time tracking down his party affiliation, but conservative sites are saying he is a Democrat.  I’ll keep looking.)

Update:  He’s a jackass…Democrat that is.


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