Meet the Damned
The Douchey Bunch Damned to Irrelevance
Crooks and Liars made a list of those whose lies, smears, and determination to defeat Barack Obama relegated them to a sphere of irrelevance.  As I perused, I thought what a douchey bunch…then I went over to Blingee to play and added a few of my own characters.

Ambition without ideas may turn a buck, but it won’t get a person heard in the Great Conversation.


5 thoughts on “Damned to Irrelevance

  1. Yeah. I’ve been wondering where Ann Coulter has been for the last 6 months. Not that I’ve missed her, but it’s so unlike her to not find a way to shove herself into the national spotlight, usually by saying some mean vile something, at every opportunity.

  2. I’m sure she’ll find a lovely career on the trannie entertainment circuit.

    Actually, she did do her cocktail dress appearances on Fox during the election season.

  3. Oh, well, that may explain how I missed her – I rarely watch Fox.

    So, are you telling me the days when she can hawk books with titles like Godless, Treason, Clueless, Toothless, Ruthless, Lessismoreless and Peoplepaymemoneytobeahater on mainstream shows like the Today show are over?

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