ht Heart of Drakn is Alive

Well said Juan, well said. As of right now, let’s all stop with this nonsense of categorizing all republicans or democrats as evil or unpatriotic. End the acrimony. As a republican, I would have preferred McCain as president. Yet Obama holds real and tremendous promise, and I wish him the best success in leading our country. Barack Obama is my president and I am so proud to be an American.”  –a Republican on youtube

If I’d had a glass of blueberry wine for every blue state like I threatened, I’d have died of alcohol poisoning!  What a night!  I saw Juan Williams in Selma, Alabama for the Bloody Sunday anniversary march in 2007.  Being a twit, I said, “Look, kids, a reporter for CNN” with Williams in earshot.  If I’m not poking or picking at someone or something, I’m out of my element.  But I’ll tell you, Williams was walking alone among the hundreds (or thousands) of people.  He had no mike, no camera crew.  He was just marching.  I have to give him credit for that, and for pouring out his heart last night on Fox.


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