h/t will.i.am

Go vote!!!


9 thoughts on “Yes We Can!

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  2. Homeland Security is hoping for McCain to win. I have proof of that .
    If you are in the coal mining bizz then vote McCain because Obama has you in his sights to shut you down. PA needs to remember what happened when the steel plant shut down. How many ghost town will Obamas make. If it wasnt for company’s like Phoenix Glass that part of PA would have gone out . You dont kill jobs ,You dont raise taxes and spend more on a weak dollar. YOU CUT TAXES YOU SPEND LESS AND YOU KEEP AMERICANS WORKING.

    When he shuts them down not just the states the mines are in will suffer great economic collapse but the state surrounding them. WAKE UP Ohio, Pennsylvania. Wake UP Virgina . WAKE UP AMERICA. The on change he is selling is control .

  3. Hey sfokc… wasn’t nixon the one who signed that deal with China back in the day? isn’t that where the factory jobs went? that fucking liberal

    and didn’t reagan say that trickle-down economics would eventually generate all these new jobs for us blue collar folks? well…. it’s been like three decades…. shouldn’t it have “trickled down” by now? where the fuck’s my economy?

    i’m sure mccain will g’ahead and fix that right up for you… sure all the major economists support obama…. sure even wall street AND the unions support obama….

    but who cares about popular sentiment…. that’d be just plain democratic….

    –rev manny

  4. sfokc –
    “Wake up America!”? Oh, my friend, America DID wake up. Thank heavens.

    “…will suffer great economic collapse …” future tense? Have you seen a newspaper in the last month? The hammer has dropped, Carnac.

    Why am I bothering? The propaganda bombers never come back …

  5. A big bad holler to all your netrooters on Writechic’s blog. I’ve been battling some hackers for the past few weeks and it has been especially refreshing to read your staff as things have come to a head.

    Writechic you rock… i mean you rock HUGE !

    rock on

    one love, one hope,
    –reverend manny

    ps. i wish sfokc would come back.. oh well, guess he had to Control-V a couple of other progressive sites…

    pps. BUCK FUSH

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