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I guess it wasn’t enough for the Mormons to blame God as the last holdout bigot when it came to black people being equal.  Now the Mormon God is directing followers to hate on gay people in California.  The Mormons have squandered the widow’s mite to the tune of $20 million.  That’s money that could gone to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, or nurse the sick.  Instead, the Mormons are spending freely to oppress teh Gays.

Proposition 8 is on the ballot in the Golden State to eliminate hard-won rights for same-sex couples.  The Courage Campaign is making voters aware of the church’s attempt to push its anti-Civil Rights agenda.

Here’s the only proper response to a God Squad home invasion:


13 thoughts on “Mormons Fight For Bigotry in California

  1. Would any heterosexual family in America stand for the legal, financial, and emotional cruelty that Marriage Inequality creates for their lives, their family, and their children?

    Does any heterosexual family see the cruelty that is concealed in the denial of civil marriage to LGBT families and their children?

    Right now I live in a country where people are paying for the chance to perhaps earn a civil right. And I live in a country where tax-exempt churches speak of wishing harm to myself and my family. Our Family.

    This is immoral, unconstitutional, unethical, and makes me question EVEN MORE the true THEOCRACY that is concealed in our “democracy”. Mormons want a culture war? It’s on.

  2. Thanks for weighing in, John. It is a theocratic agenda and it’s hateful. LGBTs ask for bread, and they get a stone from so-called Christians.

    The Mormon hypocrisy here is staggering with the Church’s early support of totally unconventional marriage ie. polygamy. Plus, they still believe in heavenly harems. As a people historically they know persecution; yet, they’re hellbent on persecuting.

    You’re right, it’s on.

  3. hi wcp! 😀
    amazing how much money the mormons collected to fight prop 8. did they raise that much to help the victims of the california fires?
    good on steve young, his wife, and his family.

  4. Hey, Nonnie! The thing is when they’re throwing money toward the cause of hurting people, I don’t care about the nice stuff. I think they ought to disband.

  5. I don’t know anything about proposition 8. I am not in California, but Washington state here.

    However, in these trying times, I am grateful to know that there is a living prophet of the Lord who is not ashamed to speak that which the Lord himself has declared.

    While you may disagree with me, the fact remains, the issue is not of a bigotry issue as you are making it out to be, but a declaration of Truth. That declaration of truth is this: God created Man and Woman in his image. God, then, united Man and woman and they are to become one just as Christ is one in unity with the Father.

    The truth is this: It is not the Mormons whom you are declaring bigots, or Christians to be bigots because of your lifestyle and presupposed arguments that support such lifestyle, but the one you are calling a bigot, hatemonger is our Loving Heavenly Father. It is He and He alone that has decreed such lusts, desires and other sexual depravity to be of a sinful nature. No matter how much one wants to argue, the fact remains this: We all have our agency to choose. We are free to choose to live according to the principles and ordinances, following the counsel of our loving Heavenly Father, or follow after our own lustful desires and thoughts.

    On the one hand, following the counsel of our loving heavenly father will guide us into a life of purity, chastity and honor. While the opposite is true, if we choose to follow the lusts of our hearts, we fall into a state of depravity, forsaking principle truths for our own lustful desires.

    What you call bigotry and hate is a blindfold the the real issue – Man’s sinful nature and willful disregard for the Truth of God.

    It is when you call God’s servants bigots that you are Calling Christ and our Father in Heaven a bigot and to this end, he has declared his wrath and judgment upon a sinful nation and society.

    If you dont’ believe me, look to the fall of all the worlds greatest empires and see how the disregard for following God’s sacred commandments lead to depravity.

    That is all I have to say for my comment.

    Good day.

  6. Okay, after watching that video, your post is very hypocritical. Calling Mormons bigots but yet posting a vidoe of an elderly woman showing disrespect and hatred.

    Hypocrisy goes both ways. You can’t call someone a bigot without exposing your own bigotry.

  7. Timothy, can I call someone a douchebag without being a douchebag? That’s a rhetorical question.

    For the record (and the literate), I didn’t call anyone a bigot in this post. And in America, your freedom to be fanatical is fine as long as you’re not treading on the happiness of others. Prop 8 does.

    And any God that tells people to be cruel to other human beings, can fuck right off.

  8. The problem is not an issue of whether or not someone is treading on someone else’s happiness. The issue is – this is my life style, accept it or you are a bigot. That is an issue.

    Also, where is it that God said to be cruel to other human beings? When is stating the truth being cruel? When is exposing a lie and deceptive tactics being cruel?

    I am sorry that you truly feel that way about God, but the reality is, God is God, we are mortal beings and if we don’t like what God has decreed then that is our own choose.

    It is when you are attempting to force your own choice upon another and say – accept it or else.

    The fact is, the GLBT has gone so far to predicate instances where preachers can’t preach the gospel message without fear of retaliation for speaking “hate crimes” against that which the Sovereign Almighty has decreed to be unnatural, sinful and carnal.

    Sorry, but I am not going to sugar coat this at all.

    A person can be homosexual and not engage in any sexual activity and still be an honest person.

    A person can be a heterosexual and not engage in any sexual activity and still be an honest person.

    Both, a hetero and homosexual can engage in sexual behavior and be called a sinner. It is the very act itself that causes our rebellion against God, not our lifestyle.

    Christ said – if any man lusts in his heart after a woman that is not his wife, he has already committed adultry.

    In our modern times, our society is driven but the lusts of their hearts. Lust for greed, lust for power, lust for themselves. The humanistic view is this: As long as I am not hurting anyone, it is okay.

    This is far from the truth. Truth is like a two-edged sword and in speaking the truth, there are those who are going to gnash their teeth and fight against it why? Because the Truth is the light of the World and has come into the world men rather hide in darkness so that their very deeds will not be exposed to the light.

    Supress it all you want, the truth is the truth and no one can’t deny it.

    The fact is, no one is being cruel, the only people being cruel are the one’s who are forcing people who say that such a lifestyle is wrong having to change their views.

    One who truly believes in God, can’t deny God’s decree. This is not being cruel, this is being true in following God’s commandments and ordinances.

  9. I simply find it so hateful that any person would use the Bible, and Faith (which at least here in America are a CHOICE, a FREEDOM for each and every one of us to choose) can be allowed to spread lies and falsehoods to support a LAW which removes ANY right from an American Citizen, regardless of his or her sexual behavior and/or belief. If we’re not careful pretty soon it could be law that we all have to follow a specific religion, or belief, is that what you want, when you remove ANY right from people, you weaken the rights of ALL people.

    It is a slippery slope we travel when we begin to take anything away from a group of people, regardless of what those rights are. This is the beginning of the end of civilization, THIS is NOT the country I was born to, or the country I want to live in.

    If this is just the beginning, where oh where will it all end?

    Please wake me when this nightmare is over, and let me wake up in a world where we can love the person we choose, regardless of race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.

    WAKE UP, and protect yourself. If you don’t agree to something, don’t do it, against abortion? don’t have one, against same sex marriage? don’t get married to a person of the same gender. BUT no group of people should use lies (the advertising for Yes on 8), to fool the people into believing what you want rather than the truth.

    This amendment has been the UGLIEST measure put forth this century, I hate to see where it will end at…

    What happened to “Hate the sin, love the sinner”, “Live and let live”, “To each their own”, “Love thy neighbor”, ” Do unto others as you would have done to yourself”… How hateful, can you be?

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