Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann recruits a mountain of indignity for and in behalf of his kitty.

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9 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann Spoof on SNL

  1. I watch KO every night. Absolutely love the show and this was FUNNY!

    I thought Affleck did a great job of over exaggerating Keith’s quirks. Olbermann labors obsessively never to end a sentence in a preposition which distorts his diction at times. Affleck latched on to that. I laughed out loud many times over. I am sure we’ll see this mentioned on Countdown and I bet he thought it was funny as well.

  2. I loved Affleck last night! He almost cracked himself up a couple of times. He did a pretty good Alec Baldwin impersonation too. I think my favorite part of the Olbermann skit was the turning to face the different cameras, complete with hand pounding and feet stomping. Such drama! It was great.

  3. I have been watching SNL from the time when it was called “NBC’s Saturday Night,” in other words, since 1975.

    I thought this skit was the single most sickening thing I’ve ever seen on NBC.

    Three days before an election, SNL decides it is time to smear the man on TV who was first to (finally) REALLY stand up to Bush and the GOP.

    Satire should poke fun at people who distort and lie. Olbermann does just the opposite.

    I have been a real fan of SNL and of Lorne Michaels for 30+ years.

    This skit was the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen on SNL. Maybe we should have voted, back then, to let “Larry the Lobster” live and boiled the NBC executives in a pot of water.

    Have you no sense of purpose? No sense of decency?

    Why don’t you skewer hideous right-wing blowhards — you’ll find plenty on that OTHER network that claims to be a news network.

  4. This skit was truly amazing.
    I am 46 and I have been watching it since it first aired.
    Although, I seldom watch SNL much anymore, but I just happened to tune in Sat. night.

    When the skit first came on, I thought it would be a fluff piece for Olbermann.

    I was truly stunned! It depicted the Olbermann that I think truly exist. A man so in love with himself and his own perceived wittiness that he does not realize what an idiot .. a twisted demented idiot he comes off as.

    He at times seems slightly deranged. Rupert Murdoch who fired Olbermann years ago said he was crazy.

    Affleck presented a piece that no conservative could have gotten away with. It showed his melodramatic obsessions, his paranoia, his adolescent obsession with harassing anyone he deems as competition or who does not like or agree with him.

    This skit even detailed how it does not matter what Bush says it is evidence of the need to bring him up on charges.

    Olberman is the Josph Goebbells of MSNBC. It was beyond hillarious how they skewed Richard Woolfe as a NAZI republican butt-boy for having the audacity to go off script and have a dissenting opinion.

    Olbermann was projecting his own NAZI-like delirium onto someone who merely dissagreed.

    The executives at GE need to study this skit and see the message in it. It was not just funny…it was bone chillingly insightful.

    I was amazed at Affleck’s intensity…..and the deep level of thought that went into the Citizine Kane-esk writing.

    If SNL presented even handed portrayals of the left like this on a regular basis then their ratings would blow through the ceiling.

    I imagined Olbermann in his house, throwing furniture around and spewing profanity and thinking of how to bring Affleck up on charges …and who at Newsweek he could get to agree with him…and then in the midst of his rage…pausing only to glance in the mirror…and then be soothed by the thought that maybe congressional hearings would reveal if O’Reilly was responsible and thus the end of Fox News all for making fun of he who cannot be challenged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jim, I sympathize with what you’re saying. Olbermann has been extremely courageous in taking on the terrible things that Bush and Cheney have done to America and Americans. When I saw the Affleck skit, the fact that I could laugh gave me the hope that Bush justice and the anti-constitutional Republicans are finally this close to being conquered. Maybe the skit is like starting to celebrate a touchdown on the 5 yard line…a little too soon. I don’t think Olbermann wants to be a sacred cow though.

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