h/t uzitone

Jesus H. Christ!

Republican Shirley Nagel denied children candy on Halloween if they or their parents refused to voice support for John McCain.  The Michigan woman tacked up a nasty, racist sign saying, “No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters, or kids of supporters.”

Nagel had no compassion for the little ones who started crying when probed on their political affiliations.


9 thoughts on “Meanest Lady Ever Denies Candy to Kids of Obama Supporters

  1. You shouldn’t make children cry if you’re listed in the phone book.

    Shirley Nagel
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI XXXXXXXXXX

    sitemonitor: Not cool. The woman is spectacle enough without making her a target to people crazier than she is.

  2. When people are mean spirited it is so easy to hide behind a religion, a political affiliation or whatever that will allow you to be as mean as you want to be – instead of going to therapy. I hope she doesn’t have a job working in a day care or caring for children. She would probably cause them deep levels of trauma.

  3. If there is anything such as “Halloween Justice” she will have spent the day hosing eggs off her house and pulling TP out of the trees and gutters.

    Republicans: making children cry is our choice!

  4. steadycat, for what it’s worth, someone on youtube said she used to be their teacher! and got fired for being over the top weird.

  5. this person is not only crazy & stupid, she is the reason
    America needs to elect Senator Obama. I hope her neighbors give her hell.

  6. It just keeps getting worse and worse! I can’t even come up with words for this one. Can you get much more cruel than this???

    She better be glad I didn’t take my daughter trick-or-treating to her house!

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