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Elizabeth Dole lied on fellow Christian Kay Hagan–who incidentally used to be a Sunday school teacher for God’s sake. Hagan may actually beat the incumbent GOP senator from North Carolina which I suppose is why Dole is willing to lie like a fool. The ad says the Godless American PAC held a fundraiser for Hagan…which they all by themselves didn’t. It was netroots.  John Kerry was at the same meeting. The ad also plays the audio of some shrill voice saying “there is no God” while showing Kay Hagan’s picture.

If I were responding to Dole’s ad, I’d just replay the above and tack on “Vote Kay Hagan…not an asshole.” But Hagan elected a more dignified route:


7 thoughts on “The Toll on Dole’s Soul

  1. From my own limited experience with Sen. Dole (I contacted her once about “priorities” in time usage in the Congress and got quite an unresponsive response for my troubles), she seems to have a penchant for completely ignoring the salient issues, and resorting to empty rhetoric. Here, the rhetoric has plunged into the land of falsehoods. Ah, you gotta love those “ends justify the means” thinkers. She likes to play to the “stereotypical” constituent in my state (you know, “the real Americans …”). Of course, it’s easy to understand why Dole is playing to a stereotype rather than to real North Carolinians. She’s spent so little time here the last six years, how’s she supposed to know who we really are? Who knew that Liddy was so desperate to avoid spending time with Bob?

  2. Isn’t it icky when you have to write icky reps? I felt compelled to write Shelby on the bailout pkg. I felt dirty after. I received the canned letter in response a couple of weeks ago.

    I voted for him in the 90’s when he was a democrat and he turned coat after the election.

  3. Yeah, it is icky! The response I got back from Dole was also “canned,” and replete with plenty of “code,” in case I was one of the base. If I had any illusion before that exchange that she was interested in representing ALL the people of North Carolina, it was shattered with that response.

    Plus, it’s icky from the standpoint that I just don’t want to go “on record” with somebody who might put me on the “godless/unpatriotic” list (in spite of the fact that I’m active in my church, and apparently take my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution much more seriously than Dole takes hers, even though my status as an attorney is “inactive”) for merely disagreeing with her!

    Ah, me.
    Sincerely yours,

  4. I got that same canned letter from Richard Shelby. I felt like I needed to bathe after reading it.

    This is just despicable. But Kay Hagan’s reponse is classic! She did good!

    I never thought I’d see this day, but isn’t it great to see that negative ads may not be working anymore????


  5. This ad has already hurt Dole; so, her brilliant strategy is to redo the ad with clarification. Viewing them one after other just reveals how deceptive the first was:

    I’ve read and heard pundits say it was a netroots fundraiser.

    Hagan filed a defamation lawsuit.

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