CNNs Deborah Feyerick reports on religious extremists in hyperbolic overdrive using fear to discourage voting for Barack Obama.   Focus on the Family tells devotees that children will suddenly be inundated with pornography if the Democrat is elected.  Also in store for America under an Obama administration, 4 domestic terrorist strikes, a Jewish holocaust, and The Apocalypse.


5 thoughts on “Focus on the Freak Show

  1. Again, the title made me laugh out loud … although I still do like “Focus on Your Own Family Weirdos!”

    Egads! Can I survive these next 6 days? I am ” ‘zausted” as my daughter used to say.

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  3. Sadly, nothing these people do surprises me anymore.

    And they couldn’t come up with anything better than “your kids will be innundated with pornography”??? WTF? Where did that even come from????

    I love the bumper sticker from Denver that someone on LiA posted that said “Focus on Your Own Damn Family”!!!!!

  4. The porn stuff probably came from their collective repressed sexuality, but it was definitely the funniest of the prophecies. 🙂

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