Victim my ass.

Victim my ass.

Race-baiting, agitprop Ashley Todd confessed to police in Pennsylvania that she made the whole thing up.  She was NOT mugged, beaten, and mutilated by a big, scary black Obama supporter who happened to fit the description of a robbery suspect in the area a few weeks ago.  She was NOT beaten after her imaginary attacker saw her McCain bumper sticker and/or McCain campaign pin.  She was NOT pinned down while the fake really dark-skinned African-American delicately carved a backwards “B” for Barack Obama on her ample cheek.

Todd’s confession came after police administered a polygraph.  The 20-year-old McCain campaign worker changed her story several times, adding sexual assault as the icing on cake.

Bloomfield police are filing charges against Todd, ha-ha.

Finally video…


8 thoughts on “Big Scary Black Man Attack, A Fake

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  2. Do you think the B is backwards on her face because she was looking in the mirror when she did it to herself?

    This girl needs some help badly.

  3. This girl is just “McCain’s game” coming home to roost. His people have conducted a “will lie for votes” campaign, and she’s just a metaphor for it, black eye and all. Though I do agree she needs some serious help. But then again, so does McCain’s campaign.

  4. I’m beginning to think the black eye is really mascara. The pictures of her being led out of the police station don’t show the face very well but what you do see doesn’t look like the black eye of the infamous photo. Who took that photo anyway?

  5. I thought eye shadow, but the her eye in the perp walk video looked different from the picture.

    Who did take the photo?

  6. Criminy, writechic. Who can look at the video (of her being led away in handcuffs) without feeling sorry for that girl? That’s just sad. She’s obviously in need of some counseling.

  7. What is it about mean and nutty Republican that generates pathos, Suzanne? I have felt that, too. ie. that pathetic lady who thinks “the blacks” will takeover if Obama is elected and the Obamas “thinks weez trash.” F@#k! What a sad commentary on a life. I think feeling pity is okay as long as justice is served. I mean this girl’s myspace page said lying is the most fun you can have except for sex. That doesn’t sound crazy; it sounds calculating.

    15 or 20 years ago, Ashley Todd’s story would have meant an APB on every big, black dude in Pittsburgh. Thank God, we as a nation have come far enough along that police knew to be skeptical.

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