ht The Patriots Maxim (also a real American)

Those hard protesting pockets of real Americans in pro-America Grand Junction, Colorado got their butts kicked when they tried to block Sarah Palin’s real motorcade.  Governor Palin could be heard shouting, “10 points if you hit the one in the red jacket!”  She’s just bitter and clinging to her pageant crown and guns ’cause she’s losing in the Rocky Mountain state.


5 thoughts on “Real Americans Get Real Asses Kicked by Real Police (Real American Ones)

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  2. With the tag line “Country First” why would McCain, who put his life on the line for his country, choose a VP who is directly associated with a cessation group, the AIP? The answer is obvious, he needed to seal-the-deal with the party’s base.

    My very real fear now, if Obama wins, the Right will spawn in an unorganized fashion, domestic terrorist attacks. Are there ties between today’s NC polling booth aggressive McCain protesters and the journalist who is beaten to a breath from her life, who gave a cameo appearance in “W.”?

    The Palin choice has lost my vote. Please join me and vote for Obama, not for hate and ignorance.


  3. I had to laugh at the headline, but my laughter turned to tears when I saw how real Americans were being treated by real police. Thanks for posting this.

  4. I cringed myself seeing the man’s bare back dragged across the asphalt. It made me think the people didn’t have any training in peaceful protesting.

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