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26 thoughts on “Obama on Palin’s Standards

  1. Easy for you not to like Obama, you’ve got health care! 😉 We actually have a commercial running here in Alabama where a couple is distraught that being uninsured will prevent a hospital visit…UNTIL…it miraculously occurs to them they can borrow money at Loan Sharks R Us (Titlemax) against their car to see a doctor. They’re so happy!!!

    Thanks for visiting. That Mc-Palin pic on your front page is hysterical.

  2. If Obama wins. Let’s discuss this next year when your taxes go sky high (new Maryland Democrat Gov 2007). Ayers is an advisor, more terrorist attacks. The military is fighting a war and their funds get cut 25% ( Barney Franks). Any media that does not support Obama gets shut down (Chicago) and any citizen that ask a question has his background illegally investigated (Joe the plumber). and of course no interviews if you ask hard questions (Orlando). I almost forgot G-D damn America ( Rev Wright) will be preaching in the White House.

  3. I know, Bill…, and don’t forget…human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together — mass hysteria! And that’ll just be on Fox News.

  4. I am surprised to hear Senator Obama criticize the McCain campaign for using tactics meant to divide rather than “bring us together.” How can he “bring us together” with such a partisan record in the Senate? He is 110% liberal. Not every Republican position is bad, and vice versa. But when you vote 100% liberal, you are not entertaining ideas to ‘bring us together.”

    He wants to tax the ‘rich’ to ‘spread the wealth around.’ What happens when the rich take their money and move to Switzerland? If you give money to people who do not pay taxes and call it a tax cut, you are lying. It is welfare. And we know where that leads. They just expect more, and more, and more,…….

  5. I agree Bobby. The man is lying about Palin going against McCain, she was actually the one who wanted to bring out Wright, Pfleger and the rest according to various sources. I guess though, as McCain said it himself, that if you tell a lie often enough, people might actually except it as fact.

    The man is downright disturbing, read about Illinois Senate Bill 99, read about his relationship with Raila Odinga, hell, actually sit down and listen to Wright’s sermons and tell me that Obama is the kind of man ANYONE really wants running America. It is frightening…


  6. And so what if Obama wins, will all you conservatives pack up and “move to Switzerland”? I highly doubt it. No matter how much everybody pisses and moans over Obama or McCain they will remain here no matter who wins. People need to be practical and actually think about what they will do if the person they do not want to win goes into office. This is America, and thank God no matter who wins, you can be sure you will still have your comfortable lifestyle and drink your lattes in morning while still bitching over politics you can’t change. Americans have to remember elections in some other countries means hundreds sometimes thousands of people will die.

  7. Okay, so I don’t drink Latte’s. I do like the white chocolate moca’s though. Does that still count?
    Cats and dogs living together? sounds like more social engineering to me.
    Well I’d love to go on listing the comebacks that don’t actually answer the question.
    Who do we want to represent us? Someone with ties to a terrorist? Not me. How about someone who attends a church which espouses racial hatred? Ooooh, I don’t think so. How about we just take everyone’s money and put it in a big pot so that those who don’t have the same amount as I, can take it from me to have what they feel they are entitled to have? Wait, that’s not a good plan either. It didn’t work in Soviet Russia, isn’t working in Communist China, doesn’t work in North Korea, and won’t work here.
    So Let’s here it for socialized medicine. Why not take half my income (or more if I “make too much money”), and use it to make sure that NO ONE gets preventitive health care. The socialized systems in europe don’t work. Everyone suffers for them. England is actually the worst off. And they have a very powerful monetary system. They don’t get the quality of health care we do.
    There are plenty of plans out there designed for those whose employers don’t provide health care. There is also a little thing called medicare for those without means. Or, Lord forbid, get a job with an employer who provides it. Even the Evil Latte Spewing Starbuck’s, is able to provide health insurance for it’s workers. Oh, but that’s not the government “sharing the Wealth” (Carl Marx? No, Senator Obama) But hey, Vote for who you believe represents your views. That is what the system is supposed to be about. And that IS what everyone should do.

  8. Is it time to reflect, you big Republican cry babies?

    The Bush defense of America on 9/11, didn’t work out so well.
    The Bush war in Iraq, a mass distraction and money pit.
    The Bush plan when the levees broke in New Orleans, didn’t work out so well.
    The Bush economic policy, disastrousl.
    The Bush understanding of the U.S. Constitution, nonexistent; he can’t read.
    The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, didn’t work out so well for the middle class.
    The Bush Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, taxing for senior citizens.
    The Bush presidency just plain DID a number on the United States, didn’t work at all!!!

    Bush is the reason McCain floated to the top among Republican candidates. He used to be the least like Bush, but McCain sure change that perception.

  9. Heather, seriously that’s the best you can say? um…oops. I spelled Karl wrong. I think he doesn’t care. If he does, he can get out of his grave and come talk to me about how I spelled his name incorrectly.

    The Levee’s were not “Bush’s plan” They were a systemic problem that was identified well before the huricane that caused them to fail was even a twinkle in the eye of the universe.

    The Democrats and Republican’s are both responsible for the problems. Dems more than the others. Let’s here it for Fannie mae.

    And just in case you need to know. Like it matters. I am not a Republican. I’ve voted Democratic for most of the time I’ve been legally eligible to vote. 20 whole years worth.

    I don’t agree, or like everything that President Bush did. I wouldn’t have voted for him last time if there had been a better choice than Senator Kerry. But I have a memory. I also have the ability to read. I can look up facts as well.

    Nothing either party has done in recent years has worked out so well for the middle class.

    The last time anyone actually checked, The Congress, and Senate had a lower approval rating the the President. What does that say?

  10. I guess “heckuvajob Brownie” was legitimate praise from Bush, who played country music star with and had cake with John McCain and finished up his vacation during New Orleans’ crisis. That’s not leadership, quickthor.

    As for trying to link Democrats to Republicans-gone-wild for deregulation…you’re hopeless. The financial markets popped because of the 2004 Republican-backed weakening in underwriting standards for US. subprime mortgages. 77% of subprime mortgages and 85% of Alt-a mortgages were issued after that move. Starting in 2004 and until the Democrats took majorities in Congress, subprime mortgage securitizations went through the roof with an anything goes policy on standards for rating mortgage backed securities. Even Hank Paulson acknowledges that the mortgage crisis was caused by events that began during the run up to the 2004 election and ended soon after the Democrats took Congress in early 2007. Just last week, Alan Greenspan, told Congress that Fannie and Freddie were not the cause of the financial crisis rather conservative ideology was the problem.

    Do you think that low congressional approval rating has anything to do with too many Republicans left in the house and senate gumming things up? Republicans in Congress are about to get their clocks cleaned in 8 days. It is a well-earned fall from grace.

  11. And those events in 2004 were led by whom? They are all to blame. They all had a hand in it.

    How can a Democratic controlled house blame Republicans for their poor ratings? The parties in both houses are too busy conentrating on partisanship to do their jobs. I have an idea, if people want to share the wealth, let’s start by cutting the salaries of the house and senate. Oh wait, that won’t work, they’d just vote themselves a pay raise again anyway.

    Greenspan blamed Republican idealogy? I didn’t know that greed, and poor financial decisions were an idealogy belonging to one party. Wow.

    This is a “let’s blame the Republicans” election year. Clocks being cleaned would be more in line with a clear winner. None of the pollster’s, that right I said none, can say they have a clear winner. Every morning the news says one thing or another. So and so is catching up here, So and so is losing there, gaining here, losing there. It’s not over, the Fat lady is not singing yet. In this race, she may have forgotten how to sing until well after November 4th.

    I would love to continue to associate with the democratic party. But I’m not a socialist, I don’t believe in nationalized health care (been in a country that has it too often to believe in it), and I don’t want my political leaders to have questionable ties to persons who espouse violence against Americans, or racial hatred.
    I personnaly believe in one race. Human.
    I forgot, I’d like my candidate to not have ties to an organization being investigated across the country for possible voter registration fraud.

    I believe that this country is better than any other for far too many reasons to mention.

    But all of those things will LABEL me a Republican. My mother would be so ashamed to hear it said. No, she really would. I think she’d have a heart attack if I changed over to the “dark side” But don’t worry, the force is with me.

  12. Yes, you are. You are (or seem to be) competely without hope. I on the other hand have much hope. I am never in fact without it. Maybe that’s because of my upbringing. By the way, my mother was very much involved in the anti establishment movement of the 60’s. I received many wonderful idea’s from her. I received many that I have made my own decision on what to think. That might have been the best thing she ever taught me. Think for myself. She and I don’t agree on some very fundamental things. Like war for example. But we can discuss without insulting, in personal attacks. I may be a smart ass, but it’s the only one I’ve got.

  13. Let’s see here. McCain is a center right politician who is not afraid to reach across the isle. He has experience and he has been involved in major legislation.

    Obama is a left leaning liberal who can’t lean any further to the left. He refuses to reach across the isle and he has almost no experience. He spent more time in the US Senate campaigning then anything else.

    Who do you think I voted for.

  14. My hope is that you don’t travel the road we did here, the end of Thatcherism presaged a long term in the wilderness for free thinking Conservatives.

  15. @ bryansix – McCain doesn’t know how to reach across the aisle. He does not know how to play well with others which means he can’t even connect with people in his own party. How can you believe that he knows how to reach across the aisle? None of the people that have worked with him will vouch for him. They all say he never learned how to play well with others.

    And how can you say that Obama does not reach across the aisle when he repeatedly says that we all need to work together – to make America better? How is your information so different than what I’m hearing and seeing? PS. I don’t watch Fox news.

    @writechic – you’re getting very popular. Everyone wants to sit in your livingroom. Cheers. 🙂

  16. steadycat what are you on? He has worked with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Feingold, Lieberman, etc Obama worked with one crazy Republican obsessed with this Hollywood idea about terrorists brings nukes onto planes in suit cases.

    If you want to take a shot at Fox, it shows you to be far off base. The CMPA said Fox News for the most fair and balanced station in 2007. So far, it looks like they will get the nod for 2008.


  17. What is CMPA on? Was the research conducted from their United Arab Emirates campus? Is Rupert Murdoch a donor?

    “Fair and balance” is a slogan, and that’s the network’s only resemblance to objectivity.

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