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McCain gets his ass handed to him on anti-American convicted crook G. Gordon Liddy.  AKA “Gordon the Plumber.”

Dave: Did you not have a relationship with Gordon Liddy?

McCain: Uh, I met him. I —

Dave: Did you attend a fundraiser at his house?

McCain: Gordon Liddy’s?

Paul: I object, your honor.

Dave: We will be right back here… (laughter)

Liddy has contributed thousands of dollars to McCain’s campaigns, held a fundraiser for McCain at his home, and hosted the senator on his radio show, where McCain said, “I’m proud of you.” Exactly which part of Liddy’s record is McCain proud of?


6 thoughts on “Letterman Gives McCain A Taste of His Own Medicine

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  2. It’s a crying shame we have to get hard news from commedians like Letterman, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher.

  3. I agree, redeye. WTG Dave for asking the questions everyone should be asking.

    The hypocrisy of McCain’s campaign doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

  4. It is a crying shame, and thank God the comedians step up. Last night on Bill Maher he sized up the divisiveness that’s festering:

    “What I feel that’s out there…the Old Guard feels power slipping away. They have had their claw, their bony cancer-ridden claw on the levers of power for a long time. And they finally feel it being peeled off.”

  5. In a way it’s a shame, in a way at least people who actually get watched are doing the important work. The newspapers and news shows are making themselves irrelevant. I’m proud that America has handled the corruption of the news media, that we have comedians smart enough to see that what needs to be done and of course they aren’t afraid to do it. We should be *very* afraid if they ever start backing down,

  6. Hey, Joanna. I think new media is helping to take up the slack, too. I’m small potatoes, but Huffington Post, Raw Story, Crooks and Liars, youtube, TPM are making enormous advances in catching stories that might otherwise go overlooked…i.e. the cutter-nutter with the scratched, backwards B on her face. McCain’s campaign pushed that story in trumped up language.

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