Welcome to the land of ignorance and racism.  These folks aren’t in Alabama.  They’re in the heartland, Ohio.  It’s one thing to occasionally see a bigot rear his or her ugliness.  It’s quite another to witness a hoard of bigots assemble to support the McCain-Palin ticket at a Sarah Palin rally.  I actually feel sorry for these people, but I suspect they aren’t interested in my pity.

This is what Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was talking about and this.


4 thoughts on “Dang. You Won’t Find This on CNN

  1. No one is really surprised that the GOP’s big tent has a bigot’s enter here sign. With less than three weeks until the election, I expect to see this shit escalate, though I don’t know how you can find worse people than the ones in that video. Too bad McCain is ruining his legacy. He used to be decent and he has lowered himself into the gutter. GOP=sleaze.

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