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McCain and Palin have not tried to reign in the hateful and violent calls coming from their rallies.  Instead they continue to stoke the fire.  Nationally it seems the aggressive rhetoric is not paying off for the McCain campaign.  In fact just the opposite.  The politics of fear and hate are driving independents to Obama.


4 thoughts on “Olbermann Special Comment on Inciting Hatred

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  2. I’ll be brutally honest. I’ve never been a fan of Olbermann until today. He was scathing, yes, but absolutely fair and completely within the confines of human decency while doing so.

    I often find Olbermann to be condescending, overbearing, and quite frankly, just a little too impressed with himself. Today, at least, he deserves the latter.

    From one writer to another, thank you for Mr. Olbermann for doing such a fine job. The right word at the right time is all any writer can hope to achieve during a lifetime, and sir, you have done that. Thank you again.

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