ht clydecanton

I’m posting Clyde Clanton’s Blue State Blog Song again.  The audio is much better in this venue, the Asheville Arts Center in Asheville, North Carolina.  Clyde may get his wish turning his red state blue!  The major polls out of NC say Obama has the advantage over McCain–47% to 45% respectively.


3 thoughts on “Blue State Blog Song (Encore!)

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  2. Hey! Does Clyde live in Asheville (Clyde Canton’s gotta be a stage name since Asheville is so close to the towns of Clyde and Canton …)?

    Don’t be surprised to see this vid go up on V&V (with a h/t to you, of course!)

    Thanks for the message the other day and the exchanges on the thread re: RFO … so, you gettin’ a tee shirt or what?

    Less than 3 weeks away …

  3. Why, yes, he does, Ms. Super Sleuth. His real name is Dave Pinelli! Please do put him up. He and his son and the rest of his family will be so happy.

    I wanna t-shirt, but what I want and what I get are usually 2 different things.

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