ht HeartofdraknIsAlive

David Frum is bitter, and that is why he clings to his misanthropic ideology and antipathy.  I’d be bitter, too, if it had been my job to put words in the mouth of George W. Bush for a year.  That would be like feeding roses or kittens into a garbage disposal, a total counterintuitive assault on aesthetics and decency.  But he’s probably proud of that.  More likely his bitterness is born of (potentially) the GOP’s rapid descent from power and the neocon synonymity with blood and money.  From that rancid funk, Frum appears on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Maddow: You said, “Those who press this Ayers line of attack are whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that’s going to be very hard to calm after November.” What do you mean by that, in that word, “fury.”

FRUM: Well, I think that you were talking through much of the show about the matter of tone in our politics. And yet, we are seeing, I think, an intensification of the ugliness of tone that has been a feature of American politics for the past eight years. I mean, this show, unfortunately, is an example of that problem with its heavy sarcasm and sneering and its disregard for substantive issues that are really important.”

Rachel proved more than a match for Frum.  He physically slinks his neck between his shoulders as he realizes she is holding him accountable for not only his actual words, but the false equivalence and equivocation in his words that maybe he thought he could slip through.  He got away with nothing except looking like just as much an ass as the rest in his party…which is funny because he was attempting to be above the fray.

We need more Rachel Maddows!


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