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Do you think Lying Fox News will cover the defeat of the GOP voter caging project in Michigan in the same vilifying terms that they covered ACORN?  Hell, no.   A judge ruled that purging the voter rolls of foreclosed homeowners violates the Federal Voter Registration Act.  If Lying Fox covers the story at all, it will be morphed into a report denouncing the thousands of drunken, dirty, homeless people (codewords for Democratic students, Democratic poor people, and Democratic black people) for having unfettered access to Democracy.  The horror!!!

ACORN’s “problem” doesn’t match the magnitude of voter purging by any stretch of the imagination.   Fraudulent registration forms ≠ voter fraud.  By LAW, ACORN canvassers have to turn in every single voter registration form that is filled out EVEN if someone writes in Mickey Mouse.  A review of registration forms weeds out the bad forms.  Mickey Mouse does NOT end up on the voter rolls!

Voter purging is dealing with actual voters, not registration forms.  Huge difference.


4 thoughts on “Demonizing ACORN, Ignoring Voter Caging–Fox News Gets Their Hate On

  1. thanks for posting this…. I can’t believe they’re really gonna try this angle…

    btw, what does it tell you when THIS is the issue McCain’s running on…

    what a fool he is…

    one love,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

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