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Debate Porridge responds to a recent Washington Post dot com article about Sarah Palin’s stumping on hate for Barack Obama.


4 thoughts on “Courting the Crazies

  1. Obama has been relentless in seducing America’s youth, and controlling the media. What’s next? … teaching our children to turn their parents in to the Gestapo? These tactics have been used before … and, they’re right out of the Nazi and Islamic/madrassa play books. Wake up America … the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  2. Seducing America’s youth? I think you have Obama confused with Florida Republican and boy teen loving Mark Foley.

    That said, what are you hatebringers going to do if McCain starts playing the Rev. Wright card. Wright being Christian flies in the face of the Muslim lies.

    I see a certain conservative writer’s concern, that the crisis in the GOP includes not just hating liberal ideas, but hating ideas period. I guess the madrassa/seduction bullshit fills the vacuum.

  3. Holy crow, Melissa. I wonder if your “Howard” is the same “Howard” that dropped a propaganda bomb on V&V a few weeks ago (it was also a “dud,” just like this one) … never to return (just as I predicted). These people aren’t interested in dialogue or discussion; therefore, they obviously aren’t all that interested in democracy either. The only ideas that matter to them are the ones that justify their hatred of others.
    Keep up the good work. writechic.

  4. He’ll probably return as Obamahateskittens. Not that I’m trying to give him ideas. 😉 (He probably just took that as a cryptic message from God to wear pink undies.)

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