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Sarah Palin did not get the reception she wanted at the Philadelphia Flyers season opener.   Even the adorable Piper Palin could not stop mom from reaping what she has sown these past weeks.

I have to call into question the maternal instincts of a woman that uses her baby as a human shield.   She actually says she brought her 7-year-old and put her in a jersey to stave off potential rowdies.  Palin said after, “How dare they boo Piper.”  They weren’t booing cutie pie.  They were booing you, Sarah.  The other half of the crowd probably refrained from booing because of the little girl.


6 thoughts on “Basest of the Base Gets A Proper Greeting

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  2. Using your child as a shield is wrong. Good parents put their children first don’t they? Ok, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe her child really wanted to go out on the ice and it was sweet to let her go. I really hope she didn’t understand that people were booing at her mom. That is not a good thing to put on a child.

    writechicpress–hopefully the little one is chalking it up to mean hockey fans, if it registered at all.

  3. Hockey fans have a reputation, but Palin is supposed to be the expert on that! You’re glad you’re not in Philly…what about Jersey? You kind of have a Springstein thing going on with your pic, Mike. 😉

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