ht The Bastard Fairies

Where’s Keith Olbermann?  I’ve found the worst people in the world for today.  They are The Illinois Bankers Association. These monstrous bastards are using threatening legal language to bully Sheriff Thomas Dart because he’s refusing to do their dirty work. Dart is fed up with eviction situations catching residents unaware. Renters have been evicted even though they have paid their rent to landlords. Legally, mortgage

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, Chicago

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, Cook County, IL

companies are supposed to investigate these “nuances.”

Sheriff Dart says, enough:

These mortgage companies only see pieces of paper, not people, and don’t care who’s in the building. They simply want their money and don’t care who gets hurt along the way…On top of it all, they want taxpayers to fund their investigative work for them. We’re not going to do their jobs for them anymore. We’re just not going to evict innocent tenants. It stops today.”

Those siphoning their livelihood off human tragedy, that is the Illinois Bankers Association, say the sheriff is practicing “vigilantism” and, get this, “marshall law.”  (I know, this from the people who didn’t even read the Cliff Notes for Grapes of Wrath.)  It’s “marshall law” if they don’t get paid.

Dart wants the judiciary or the state Legislature to establish protections for those most vulnerable in the mortgage crisis.

In Cook County foreclosures are expected to exceed 43,000 this year.


8 thoughts on “Bankers Going to Hell!

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  2. State-run politico-economic apparatus? No, I don’t see how that’s a slipper slope into fascism.

    Jeepers christ. Idk if you saw, but in some states the republicans are counting on last minute voter disqualifications due to foreclosures.

    Is there any way left for them to screw us?

    Great link and post. I would not have known about this otherwise.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  3. The Bastard Fairies track started playing in my head as I read the story. Their William Blakesque, Dante’s Inferno demon cracked me up. Also that final eviction scene in Roger and Me, when a family is being thrown from their home on Christmas Eve.

    If I could, I’d also edit in symbols of wall street for that line in the video, “And your religion is a gamble, and you are going to hell.”

    Sheriff Dart is Superman for a day.

  4. I don’t understand how the banks profit by evicting tenants who pay rent. Wouldn’t the banks WANT the revenue? How does emptying a building help them?

    It doesn’t make sense.

  5. Apparently, lenders don’t care enough to think that through. There’s a way that they are used to doing things, and logic has nothing to do with it.

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