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Network Focus Groups on undecided or independent voters and polls favor Obama overwhelmingly as the winner of the debate–

  • NBC 60-40 split in Obama’s favor.
  • Fox’s Frank Luntz’s give undecided voters to Obama.
  • CBS’s focus group of independents went 39 percent Obama to McCain’s 27 percent. 35 percent called it was a tie.
  • Pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner showed undecideds leaning to Obama 42 percent to 24 percent.
  • SurveyUSA found 54 percent thought Obama won versus McCain with 29 percent.
  • CNN found Obama 54 percent to McCain’s 30.

10 thoughts on “That Won

  1. Thanks! I wanted to hurry up and post it before anyone else did, but I had to wait for the verdicts to come in. Interesting, the conservative NY Times columnist David Brooks called it for Obama right after the debate. He’s really disenchanted with how McCain’s handled his campaign and refuses to settle for mediocrity.

  2. You know my great grandma used that sort of talk. That one! as if she had to distance herself from the naughtiness of a particular great grandchild. My favorite of hers was “Shut your filthy mouth!” I used to just say it to hear it..I thought it was so funny.

  3. hahahah… that one did win…

    still, though,.. i feel real uneasy that this election is still this close. How can this still be this close?

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny, aka the notorious R.e.V

  4. It’s not close. The media just wants you to believe it’s close. Did any one notice how the media said no one scored a knockout during the debate? What debate were they watching? Notice how the media can’t bring themselves to say Obama won anything. They treat him like “that one”.

  5. Well, it’s too close for me. I want a shut out.

    At least, McCain’s been called on “that one,” blkchk. I told my husband last night, McCain is so close to blowing a gasket. Obama should just say one thing to push his buttons. Hubby said, no, Obama should stay on topic. I think it served him well.

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