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Believe it or not, the sales of Halloween masks have foretold the winner in the last seven presidential elections.


8 thoughts on “Spooky Prediction on Presidential Race

  1. So McCain will ride Palin’s “skirt tails” into the White House? OK, I can not only live with that but love it.

    One – I want McCain to be elected. Or rather, I want Obama to be not elected.


    Two – The thought that a strong woman who hasn’t denied her gender being the biggest draw of the campaign is very, very pleasing to me from a sociodynamic point of view.

  2. Spooky avatar. 😉 Haven’t seen you for a while…since Pine Belt Progressive.

    You know I’m pulling for Obama. I actually thought McCain was okay when I lived in Arizona, but he has sold out the man he once was. Palin, I think, is the last example of this. She has charisma but no gravitas. He chose the politics of personality over the opportunity to choose a running mate of import.

    If he wanted a woman, why not Governor Rell? Elizabeth Dole? Kay Hutchinson? They could have held their own with Katie Couric.

    I’m glad you’re happy with the GOP ticket though. I think a lot of Republicans are just holding their noses.

  3. LOL I’m NOT happy with my GOP ticket; I just prefer it over the DEM ticket.

    As for VP choices – why didn’t Obama choose Gov. Sebelius? She was not only a good match for Obama on platform, but would have partially disarmed the Hillary supporters.

    No, Obama chose Biden because he wanted to address the experience and foreign policy issues, even though Biden represents a lot of what Obama was supposedly running against.

    I think we all have to hold our noses in this election.

  4. Oh. Who did you like?

    I would have been happy with Sebelius, but I like Biden a lot. I’m Irish Catholic, too, which means I’ll think whatever I want, thank you, holy mother church.

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  6. I liked Palin as McCain’s VP pick. I researched the options before the choice was made, and Palin seemed to fit McCain’s campaign platform the best.

    Once could say that, while I still like a lot what she is I’m still disappointed in her performance. She hasn’t come across as the no-nonsense reformer that her record seemed to indicate that she would be.

  7. 68% for Obama in one of the big companies
    55% for Obama for the other.

    The reporter threw in the Palin trick. But that’s not how the legend of candidate masks goes…that’s the treat.

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