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Obama Spokesman Robert Gibbs turned the table on Fox News’ Sean Hannity with the guilt-by-association attack.  Hannity drones on about Ayers even making things up, then asked his guest to respond.  Gibbs brought up Hannity’s guest Andy Martin who had called a judge:

…a crooked slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”  And he understood “better why the Holocaust took place given that Jew survivors are operating as a wolfpack…”

Gibbs repeatedly asks Hannity if he’s anti-Semite based on giving Martin a platform.


9 thoughts on “Guilt-By-Association Turned On Hannity

  1. The Obama camp or Obama wants anyone talking about William Ayers, cause they know if the truth is known to the American people that Obama would lose for sure. There are many people that don’t pay no mind to these blogs and or the news for that matter. I just wish McCain would push this issue harder!

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  3. Love your pooch! The Ayers issue was vetted during the Democratic primaries. It’s like resurrecting Wright which has already been beaten to death. McCain is just coming off as desperate. I just don’t see the American people buying into the fantasy that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer.

  4. I didn’t even watch the whole clip because Sean Hannity makes my skin crawl, but I’m glad that Gibbs turned the tables on him. I laughed out loud when Sean Hannity called himself a “journalist”. What a joke!

  5. That’s bullshit, Rob. But it’s exactly what Dick Cheney has done…exactly what Bush has done…exactly what McCain is doing!!! When in your life have you ever heard a candidate speaking to a crowd that calls back, “Kill him!” in reference to the opponent? That’s what McCain’s smears and slander are generating from the party loyal.

    Karl Rove utterly obliterated McCain in South Carolina back in 2000 through push-polling with the question, “Would you be less likely to vote for John McCain if you knew he had a black baby with a prostitute?” 8 years later, McCain “informally” recruits his nemesis hoping for the same political hit job on Obama. You sound like Team Rove.

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